Thirty what? Thirsty Meatballs? Thirty Meatballs?


We are Thirsty Meeples. Our passion is playing card and board games.


Six years ago we wondered why isn’t there a space where you can meet with friends and family just to play board games and enjoy a glass, cup or mug of your favourite tipple? Oh, and wouldn’t it be even better, rather than spending an hour reading through a rule book, if there was someone who worked there who could explain how to play the game?


And so after a lot of planning, a small amount of stress, quitting of jobs and risking all, Thirsty Meeples Board Game Café – the first of its kind in the UK – opened its doors in central Oxford. With a library of over 1,500 card and board games and a team of Game Gurus (think maître d’ but for board games), we welcomed people to the joys of modern board games.


We have been humbled by the response to Thirsty Meeples. To everyone who has ever visited the café, purchased a game from our café shop or webstore, we really thank you for making our business a success. Our board game library now stands at over 2,700 and we welcome 1000s of people to the café every month.


Three years ago, we also launched Mobile Meeples – bringing our board games and Game Gurus to your venue. We have enthralled corporate teams as well as having had the privilege of entertaining guests at wedding receptions.


In October 2019 we opened with great excitement our second board game café in the heart of Bath as we continue our mission to share the meeple love.


John and Zuzana, Thirsty Meeples founders.

October 2019.


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