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Earning Meeple Stars

Earn Meeple Stars for doing any of the following:

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+3 Meeple Stars

For each £1 spent (see notes)

+15 Meeple Stars

Write a review (see notes)

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£5 Store Credit

for 300 Meeple Stars

£10 Store Credit

for 500 Meeple Stars

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£50 Store Credit

for 1500 Meeple Stars

  • Notes:
  • 1. Meeple Stars can be earned on game purchases and game related material through both our webstore and café shop.
  • 2. The majority of our prices include VAT @ 20%, Meeple Stars are not earned on the VAT portion of the price. So if you purchase a game for £50, you'll earn Meeple Stars on the net amount of £41.67 (the other £8.33 goes straight to the HMRC) which would equate to 125 Meeple Stars.
  • 3. Cover Charge payments, together with food and drink purchases at the café do not earn Meeple Stars.
  • 4. Meeple Stars can be redeemed during the webstore checkout or when purchasing games at the café. Each loyalty discount amount can only be against a single purchase, if the value of the item you purchase is less than the discount being used, you will lose the remaining discount amount.
  • 5. Meeple Stars for reviews are limited to once per month and for a product that has been purchased through our webstore. You will be invited to leave a review of your game in a post-purchase email. You must write your review through the post-purchase email to verify yourself as the buyer. Once done your Meeple Stars will be added to your account. If you do not leave a review through the form included in the post-purchase email then you will not receive your Meeple Stars because we have been unable to confirm that you are a verified buyer and that would be very sad.



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