Every night at Thirsty Meeples is board game night, but on some nights there is a little extra going on...



Arkham Horror: The Card Game

Risk your health and sanity in adventures full of cultists, monsters, and forbidden rituals.


From 7pm every Monday evening.



Android: Netrunner

Do you have what it takes to master the net?


From 6pm every Monday evening.



Open Gaming

New in town? Looking to make some new board game buddies? Our Open Gaming night is for you.


From 6pm every Tuesday evening.


X-Wing Miniatures

Lock S-Foils in attack position and join Meeple Squadron as they go head to head in the coolest miniatures game in town.


From 7pm every Wednesday evening.



Need some feedback on a game you're designing? Or happy to try out and give helpful input in the development of a game? Playtest night welcomes you - more detail on Playtest UK website.


From 7pm monthly - fourth Sunday of the month.


But what about...?


Need to know more about any of the events taking place at the café?


Please email us or speak to one of the team.



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