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Ticket to Ride: Europe

Ticket to Ride: Europe brings the award winning gameplay of the original Ticket to Ride to Europe. Players compete to build train lines across the continent, seeking to complete their secret destinations while having new elements of game-play introduced including underground lines and train stations.

Ticket to Ride Europe plays very similarly to the original game. Each turn, players draw ticket cards with colours corresponding to the train tracks on the board. With sufficient number of cards of the right colour, players may then build their rail lines across Europe. As each turn consists of either drawing new tickets, new destination cards or building tracks, each turn passes really quickly.

Ticket to Ride Europe also introduces new game-play elements such as Underground Stations that add a random number of cards to the building cost and Train Stations, which will allow players to use another player's line once. This helps reduce the conflict inherent in the game while providing more strategic options in reaching their destinations.

Ticket to Ride Europe continues to be a highly popular variant of the game and continues to amaze players worldwide.

  2-5 Players  |  30-60 Minutes  |  Ages 8+