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Starfinder RPG: Signal of Screams Pawn Collection


The characters, villains, and starships of the Signal of Screams Adventure Path come alive on your tabletop with this collection of more than 100 creature and starship pawns, designed for use with the Starfinder Roleplaying Game or any tabletop science fantasy RPG. Printed on sturdy cardstock, each of these double-sided pawns slots into a size-appropriate plastic base from the Starfinder Pawns Base Assortment, making them easy to mix with traditional metal or plastic miniatures. With dozens of distinct images, the Starfinder Signal of Screams Pawn Collection depicts the enemies and allies from all three adventure of the Signal of Screams Adventure Path.

  • The Diaspora Strain
  • The Penumbra Protocol
  • Heart of Night

From corrupted innocents to shadowy, fiendish outsiders, find all of the enemies and allies of the Signal of Screams Adventure Path on these beautifully illustrated pawns! While creature pawns are broken out by base size, all starship pawns use medium bases, from the tiniest fighter to the largest warship. The Starfinder Signal of Screams Pawn Collection includes:

Small Creatures

  • Corrupted Repair Bot (3)
  • Filip Kallsner
  • Ghost
  • Reklan
  • Scuttle
  • Teodhor
  • Tok "Crower" Nahgiz
  • Velstrac, Cantor

Medium Creatures

  • Afflicted Employee (6)
  • Alyxi Troja
  • Avigdis
  • Beryldor Rendrumm
  • Boss Zurnala
  • Contracted Merc (4)
  • Corrupted Guest (4)
  • Crate Fiend
  • Creeping Shade (2)
  • Cthesa
  • Deconstructor
  • Divania
  • Dr. Lestana Gragant
  • Dr. Sidrani Lominn
  • Draelik Idolater (4)
  • Drow Soldier of Fortune (2)
  • Eclipse Operative (2)
  • The Failed Doctor
  • Father Gloom
  • Herembour
  • Hired Killer (2)
  • Ihonva
  • Indigo-13
  • Kaeon Rhyse
  • Kane Zaphol
  • Kayal (4)
  • Kofehsu
  • Komarta
  • Lomer
  • Mementor
  • Neva Kavetsaka
  • New Elysium Security Specialist (2)
  • Noname
  • The Patient
  • Reanimated Employee (3)
  • Rhissona Avran
  • Robot, Patrol-Class Security (2)
  • Romi
  • Shadow Mastiff (4)
  • Shadow-Touched Guard (2)
  • Silvene
  • Svartalfar (2)
  • Tenebrous Worm (2)
  • Tortured Apparition (6)
  • Twisted Technician (4)
  • Umbral Disciple (2)
  • Undead Mechanic (4)
  • Velstrac, Heretic (4)
  • Velstrac, Sexton
  • Vesk Guard (2)
  • Vespers Hound (3)
  • Veyla
  • Virlae Nilufeh
  • Void Ooze (2)
  • Vorilynn Wreyas
  • Yazeloya Golkami
  • Zidhil Quorin

Large Creatures

  • Giant, Shadow (2)
  • Gloomwing (2)
  • Niaq
  • Plague Ooze
  • Robot, Mining (2)
  • Robot, Terminator-Class Security (2)
  • Shodrav (2)
  • Summoned Horror
  • The Surgeon
  • Zunar


  • Antumbra Overseer
  • Diasporan Raider (3)
  • Goal Runner
  • Ringworks Sentinel (2)
  • Velstrac Tormentor



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