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Jurassic Brunch



It’s brunch time – prehistoric style! You’re a herd of hungry Triceratops vying for the tastiest leaves. But beware of the terrifying raptor who is also on the hunt too!

What’s in the box?

  • Four boards
  • 10 triceratops figurines (five blue and five orange)
  • One raptor figurine
  • 28 grass tokens

How to play:

Players battle it out as two brightly-coloured herds of triceratops on the quest to devour the most leaves in the prehistoric fields, whilst avoiding the prowling hungry raptor…

The possible actions a player can take on their turn ARE:

  • Move one of their herd – move a triceratops in a straight line (up and down, not diagonally) until it is blocked by either: another triceratops, the raptor, the edge of the playing area or a patch of grass – in this case the triceratops eats it. The grass token is turned over to reveal an effect, which could be beneficial to you, or send your Triceratops to sleep…
  • Charge at an opponent – move your triceratops up or down until you meet a rival herd member. Your triceratops takes their place and the rival moves to another empty space of your opponent’s choosing.
  • Wake up a herd member – return your triceratops back to their feet and awake them from their food-induced slumber.
  • Move the raptor – the raptor can move in ALL directions (up, down and diagonally) until it is met by: a patch of grass, the edge of the playing area or a Triceratops – in this case the raptor scares the triceratops away back to the player.

The game ends when:

  • One of the players no longer has any triceratops on the playing area – they automatically lose
  • There are no more grass tokens on the playing area
  • Over two consecutive turns neither player has managed to eat any grass or make an opposing team member’s triceratops flee

Players count how much grass has been eaten­­ – the player with the most wins!


Jurassic Brunch can be combined with Jurassic Snack so that four players can compete in teams of two.


 2 PLAYERS  |  15 MINS  |  AGES 7+




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