Cuzco has just completed, with Mexica and Tikal , the trilogy of the masks of the famous duo of authors W. Kramer and M. Kiesling. Cuzco is the reissue of the famous 'Java' to which publisher Super Meeple have given the name originally desired by the authors.

Cuzco is a tactical game of placement and majority that is played on pitch and not in numbers. It is this particularity that gives it its full dimension and distinguishes it from the other two.

Cuzco combines the placement of tiles and characters. To earn prestige points, players will have to create villages using these tiles, place the members of their clan to be the majority and build, then enlarge temples.

One of the original features of CUZCO lies in its majority principle. Indeed, it will not be necessary to have the most characters to be majority, but to have the most senior character in a village. This principle requires players to stack the terrain tiles to be at their maximum height.

Once, the tiles placed, the movement of the characters and their position on the field will be of the utmost importance to try to maintain this majority until the end of the game for the grand final count.

These tile placements and temple construction will give CUZCO a great look as the game progresses.


  2 - 4 Players  |  90 Minutes  |  Ages 12+