Drei Magier Spiele


The Little Magician's Apprentices (a.k.a. Die kleine Zauberlehrlinge)

Kaboom! Hiss! A colourful cloud of smoke billows out of the magic cauldron. It's a hot day in the old magic kitchen where the little magician's apprentices are learning the art of brewing magic potions. They need to put plenty of ingredients in the cauldron for this, then it will be time to make a fire. But will it be that easy? Leg of toad and stumbling curse – which of you will be the first?

The Little Magician's Apprentices is played on a square board with five objects placed on it: a cauldron in each corner, and a fireplace in the middle. Each player has four magic ingredients (marbles) which have to be delivered to each of the cauldrons. On his turn, a player takes his apprentice – a big wooden pawn with a bowl on top for holding "ingredients" – and places it on his starting location on the board. He puts one of his ingredients in the bowl (or two, if another player has already delivered all his ingredients). Then he uses his magic wand to push his apprentice toward a cauldron in order to deliver his ingredient. If the apprentice falls, his turn ends, and he has to try again on his next turn.

A player who has already delivered all of his ingredients must try to light the fire by moving the fireball (another marble) to the fireplace. If he succeeds, he wins.

The Little Magician's Apprentices uses magnets and metal balls hidden under the playing surface (at random locations) to create "stumbling" points which make delivering the marbles more difficult. Watch your step!

Multilingual edition.

  2-4 Players  |  20-25 Minutes  |  Ages 5+