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Stephenson’s Rocket

Reiner Knizia expands his fleet of tile laying games with this game about colliding railroads in early 1800's England. There are seven different rail companies that players can expand. Each time you extend a rail, the other stockholders can veto your action, but it might cost them their shares. When two companies' rail touch, the railways merge to become one. The game is over when only one company remains or there are no rail tiles remaining, and the winner is the player who earned the most money over the course of the game.

A brief outline of what has changed for the new edition: 

    • Updated and improved artwork and components 
    • Shares are no longer recorded with cards, but player pieces on tracks.
    • Paper money is no longer in the game, instead, players track their score as points on the Prestige track.
    • City tokens are no longer in the game, instead, players track what industries they have invested in using a chart on the board itself.


 2 - 4 PLAYERS  |  60 - 90 MINS  |  AGES 12+