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Neuroshima Hex! 3.0

Set in a post-apocalyptic age, players inNeuroshima Hex control one of four armies, each seeking to overthrow their opponent's headquarters through the strategic placement and utilization of soldier, support, and special action tiles.

A fun, fast playing tile-laying wargame, Neuroshima Hex distills tactical battles down to its essence and will be a hit with players of all kinds. Each of the four army decks consists of 34 tiles - with a varying number of units, support tiles and special actions. Each army has unique units and support tiles and actions; with the mixture and abilities providing different playing styles and strategies.

Players place the tiles on a board, positioning them for when a battle occurs. Battles are resolved in order of initiative, with ranged, melee and special abilities affecting the final outcome. You win when you destroy all enemy H.Q.s or your H.Q. is the least damaged one at the end.

  1-4 Players  |  30 Minutes  |  Ages 13+