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Mutant Chronicles Players' Guide (3rd Edition)

The Mutant Chronicles Players' Guide is an essential companion for Mutant Chronicles players and uses content drawn from the 3rd Edition Core Rulebook. It contains everything players need to create characters in the Mutant Chronicles universe, beautiful full color illustrations which bring the dark game world to life, as well as an introduction to the 2d20 game system.

Inside this lavish 116 page full colour edition, you'll discover:

  • Full character generation system with point buy or random life path options,based on a character’s Faction, Status, Environment, Education and Careers
  • Detailed Skills and Talents chapter for in-game reference.
  • Character Sheets (including Lifepath worksheet).
  • Short and Long term experience and gameplay rewards.
  • Introduction to the 2d20 game system, including combat and rules for cinematic roleplaying.
  • How to use Momentum and Chronicle Points to boost your game.
  • Weapon and armour tables to get your character ready for action.
  • Overview of the Mutant Chronicles universe and factions including faction relationships.