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貨モッツァ (Kamottsa) is Kamozza. In the game of Kamozza, you are exporters and your goal is to load as much of your freight as possible into ships.

At the beginning of the game, each player has the same set of freight cards of various loads.

There are two docks on the table. Each round, two ships come into these docks. The one of these two ships has larger load capacity, and the other has smaller. Then each player secretly chooses a freight card from their hand and destination ship to load the freight. When they are revealed, count up the load for each ship. If the load exceeds the ship's capacity, the ship is sunk. Otherwise freight is successfully loaded and victory points are scored to the successful players.

After the fifth round, the highest scorer wins the game.

This game is simple but exciting, and its artwork is cute. You can play another game using the same cards. You should load your freight from heavier to lighter, but if you and other player play the same card, both cards cancel each other and you miss a chance to load. This game is also exciting.

The game was originally produced in 2012 in Japanese. A new edition has been made for Spiel 2016 with rules available in English, German and French (game-play being language independent).


  3 - 5 Players  |  15 Minutes  |  Ages 8+