Cat On Yer Head

Cat On Yer Head is a crowd game that starts with a few simple rules that can then be modified while it is played. An imaginary cat, passed between players, chases an imaginary mouse who must escape it and eat cheese; or hide down a mouse hole; or turn into a cat-eating monster – or whatever the players invent. Because that’s the aim of the game: to build upon its basic rules, redesign it on the fly and make it sillier while you play.

The game is now available in digital and print editions as a 48-page illustrated storybook. The book includes full instructions so that anyone can play, fun extra features and details of numerous popular variants in five sections:

  • Getting Started
  • Extending the Game: Cheese
  • Extending the Game: Mouse Holes
  • More Features
  • Adding Your Own Rules

A free sampler PDF including the Getting Started section is also available.

All versions are available from


   15 - 1000 Players  |  10 - 60 minutes  |  Ages 8+