UPDATE:We are unfortunately only going to receive a fraction of the starter sets for KeyForge that we ordered, as Fantasy Flight Games have failed to provide sufficient supply to retailers.


We are still going to ahead ahead with the launch party on Thursday. Participants will need to use Archon Decks (which we have a good supply of) instead of starter sets.



Gain early access to the Crucible and to all the action, discovery, and excitement of KeyForgeat Thirsty Meeple's pre-launch with an early copy available to play from Saturday 10th November.


We'll have Learn-to-Play stations available from Saturday 10th November. You'll have the chance to sample all the game's wild and explosive back-and-forth action. Giant creatures! Tiny creatures! Cute creatures! Advanced technology! And wormholes that deposit you in lush jungles! In the Crucible, anything's possible… and it usually happens.


To be one of the first to sample KeyForge make a reservation at the café by calling 01865 244247. Usual Cover Charges apply.


Exclusive KeyForge lanyards are available (whilst stocks last) to players trying out the game during pre-launch. Plus once you've played the game you'll have the chance to purchase an Archon Deck ahead of the offical release (again, whilst stocks last). With every Archon Deck you'll also be able to claim a free House pin.



On Thursday 15th November - the official release day - we'll be holding a KeyForge launch party at the café. Celebrations will commence at 7pm.


  • • Participants pair up, open starter decks, and play with the Quickstart rules in a Learn-to-Play game. At the end of this game both participants will be awarded their choice of an Active House card. (Active House cards can be used to declare your House during your games, and each offers a shocking look at one of the Great House's icons on one side and a Chain Tracker on the other.)
  • • Participants then open their unique Archon decks and register them in the Call of the Master Vault. You'll open the two unique Archon Decks from your Call of the Archons starter set. You'll download and open the Master Vault app, or access the website. Then you'll scan and register your decks… and voilà, you now have two decks that no one else in the world will ever have (unless you trade them away). You are now ready to become one of these Archons and battle for your next Vault. You'll also be awarded a second Active House card.
  • • Finally, participants enjoy a quick, four-round Launch Party Tournament, using all four decks from their starter set. At the end of the tournament everyone will receive a third Active House card and a House poster.


Participants will need to have purchased a Call of the Archons starter set to join in the fun. Copies will be available at the café to buy, or you can pre-order a copy here for collection on the night.


Normal cover charges apply. Places are limited - reserve your place here or purchase at the café.


Discover What the Architects Hath Wrought


The Crucible, the world of KeyForge, is a place of many quirks, constant change, and ever-evolving delights. Come discover this world, this game, its many Houses, and their species, cultures, and technology. Come play. Have fun. Gain swag.